A positive impact

MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences are conscious travel experiences available across the TTC family of brands.

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Authentic experiences

Meet the people who keep our traditions alive; these flagbearers of Irish culture provide a fresh perspective and offer unique cultural experiences to our guests. 

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Meet the makers: Craft & design

Ireland has a rich history of artisan craftsmanship, and the west of Ireland draws in craftspeople as a place of inspiration and work.

A taste of the west of Ireland

The enthusiasm and passion of these food producers is infectious and all the more intimate when they welcome you into their homes.

Ireland's ancient music & stories

Travel back through the annals of time and meet the experts who carry the art forms of ancient Ireland into the present day.

The real Connemara

Meet the people who have been shaped by this landscape and learn about the skills and crafts that have developed here. 


Sustainable cities and communities

We are proud that these experience have been selected as MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experiences. Chosen for the positive impact they have on the traveller and communities we explore, they directly advance the United Nations Global Goal 11 'Sustainable Cities and Communities' by preserving local traditions, natural and built heritage and promoting cultural vibrancy.

Cré: Kitchen Garden Experience

This immersive experience includes a tour of the historic Kitchen Garden where guests will forage and taste produce. Following this, guests are invited to a hands-on cooking session with our Executive Head Chef, Liam Finnegan, at Squire Danagher's cottage, culminating in a flavourful three-course meal crafted from seasonal homegrown ingredients.