A trusted and award-winning supplier, Andarl Farm provides all of the pork products used at The Lodge and Ashford Castle. Located just 25 miles from the hotel, the farm is well-respected for its free-range, outdoor-reared pigs. 

How long have you been working with The Lodge at Ashford?
We have been working with The Lodge since we first started with wholesale orders in 2015. Jonathan at The Lodge was our first restaurant customer.

How did the partnership first start?
I (Dave) was lucky enough to be first introduced to Jonathan whilst having lunch at The Hungry Monk in Cong. It was from here that the partnership developed- Jonathan understood the importance of quality produce on his menu, and I understood how Andarl Farm’s Velvet pork fitted with the standard that is renowned at Ashford.

How is your produce used in our restaurants and bars?
Our breakfast items (sausages, rashers, and puddings) are a staple on the breakfast menu at The Lodge, and our gammon is used in the Castle. The full gammon is a showstopper every morning on the breakfast table. We are delighted to have our Velvet Pork products appear on the menu at both The Lodge and the Castle.

What three words would you use to describe your products?
Delicious, velvety and amazing

Tell us about the history of your business?
Back in 2012, we had 2 orphan piglets who we named Thelma and Louise who we had to hand-rear when their mother sadly passed away. They piqued our interest in pigs, and our herd soon grew and Andarl Farm was born.

We started supplying Velvet Pork to friends and neighbours; however, the demand increased and many restaurants were also interested in our products. It is really true that you can tell the difference in the meat when an animal has been well cared for.

As demand increased over the last couple of years, we have had to bring in auxiliary suppliers who share the same ethos as ourselves. Any suppliers are vetted by us to ensure that their pigs are only reared to a standard that Andarl Farm will accept.

What is the proudest/most memorable moment in your partnership with The Lodge at Ashford?
The proudest moment has to be when Jonathan chose Andarl Farm to supply the pork for his Starter entry in the 2017 Irish Restaurant Awards serving approximately 1000 guests!

How is your location/connection with your local area reflected in your product?
The West of Ireland is truly a beautiful place. The quality of life with the rolling countryside and a laid back approach is reflected in our product. It is clean, fresh and simple.

What plans do you have to develop your product/your partnership with The Lodge at Ashford?
We currently have plans underway to relocate a larger production premises in County Mayo. This move is the largest Andarl Farm has seen, but it will enable us to offer a broader cross-section of products that we can offer to our restaurants and online retail customers.
In regard to the partnership with The Lodge, we hope this increase in product lines will enable us to develop and grow our supply even further.

Describe a typical day in creating your product - what is the farm-to-table story?
Each week as the pigs have reached their desired weight, they are then brought into the processing system. As the orders come in from the restaurants, it is important to understand the demand that we need to reach that week and how the carcass is then to be addressed due to customer’s requirements.