Paula Pastry Experience at Stanley's

Chocolate Experience

Indulge in a chocolate experience with Paula Pastry, our Global Director of Chocolate and Pâtisserie, at Stanley's Diner. Featuring live-plated desserts with estate-sourced seasonal ingredients and foraged delights, this experience is perfect for chocolate lovers.

The Experience

Paula Pastry will guide guests through a chocolate journey, where they can make their own chocolate bars, using our signature blend of chocolate, 'Legend', from our exclusive partnership with Valrhona Chocolate. Live-plated desserts feature seasonal ingredients sourced from the estate or Kitchen Garden. A pre-dessert palate cleanser will prepare guests for the main dessert, which includes foraged ingredients like wood sorrel, crab apples, woodruff, pine tips, blackberries, wild strawberries, and raspberries, all celebrating the essence of each season.

Terms & Conditions

This experience lasts approximately 60-minutes and is subject to availability and seasonality. Please note this experience is able to cater to a maximum of six people. 

Price: €250 per person 

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