What is your full name?

Robert Bowe

What is your role at Ashford Castle?

Restaurant & Wine Programme Manager.

What was your background before you worked at Ashford Castle?

I was born in Waterford grew up in Dublin I always wanted to be a Chef but loved meeting people so I decided I wanted to be a waiter.

What was your first experience of Ashford Castle?

I worked with a girl in Dublin who had worked at Ashford -  I told her I’d love to travel she told me to go to Ashford for six months as the experience on my CV would enable me to go anywhere in the world.

What were your thoughts when you saw the Castle for the first time after the restoration?

Overwhelmed! The Tollman family have invested over $100 million in ensuring the Castle we all love, can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Tell me something about Ashford that people might not know.

The Peace Process started at Ashford Castle.

What makes Ashford so special?

Everything! Location, the 800+ years of history, the building, the Estate and of course, the people.

What does a typical day at Ashford look like for you?

Generally, I work breakfast and dinner time – but there is no typical day as every day is a different day – which is what I love.

What is your favourite part of your role?

Working with the F&B Team and taking care of our guests every need.

What do you do to relax when you are not working?

I love to cook and play basketball. 

What three words would you use to describe Ashford?

Heaven on Earth.

What is the proudest achievement of your time at Ashford Castle? 

The time I have spent here through thick and thin (34 years). It’s going to be a good book and a great movie.

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