Guide Frank fishing on Lough Corrib

Mary Flannery

Our Executive Accomodation Manager, Mary Flannery, works with Nothern Feather Pillows to ensure the most luxurious of stays.

Robert Bowe

Our talented Restaurant Manager, Robert Bowe, works in affiliation with the Gaelic Athletic Association.

Adrian Wallace

Our passionate Golf Manager, Adrian Wallace, comes from a family of professional golfers.

Noli Alngohuro

Our dedicated Bar Manager, Noli Alngohuro, utilises Gunpowder Gin which is homegrown close to the estate.

Frank Costelloe

Franlk's family has lived and worked on the Ashford Estate since the Guinness era in 1917.

John Ward

Meet John Ward, a farmer whose delicious oysters we are proud to shuck and serve on the Ashford Estate.

Dervla Golden

Our Head of Retail, Dervla Golden, works with Irish jewellery designer Nigel O'Reilly who is inspired by our beautiful landscape. 

Fiona Finnerty

Discover our Concierge, Fiona Finnerty's story as she canters along the spectacular shores of Connemara.

Christmas traditions

Discover the story of the Ashford Castle Christmas tree with Catherine and Martin.